Mobile & interactive 60 seconds

Project lead at ÉSA Pyrénées — Pau Tarbes by Vincent Meyer, Julien Bidoret & Jean Paul Labro with Michał, Julia, Gabriela, Dominika, Mikołaj, Jagoda and Katarzyna.

Based on the call for application published by Arte (Mobile & interactive 60 seconds), it invites our students to explore the short form of digital writings.

According to their own words, the challenge is: starting with a few rules of engagement and the theme of mobility, we’re asking artist-creators to develop mobile and interactive experiences that are funny, moving, engaging or thought-provoking. You can be a designer, a writer, a creative coder, a digital artist, a musician or a game designer. You can be independent or part of a studio or collective.

All the details can be found on and on the online PDF of the call for application.