Dear Kraków

This is an extract of my life in Poland. Some pictures or drawings about my fellings of Krakow. 4 months in a foreign country to discover a culture and enjoy it !

Here I am : Krakow ! I am really exhausted but my trip went well. After a morning nap I will visit my new city !

What is the problem with the red lights ? There are any cars and people don't move...

Here there are the best cappuccinos of the world ! Who could believe it ? I drink it all the time.

I live in the Jewish district named Kazimierz. It is amazing ! A lot of pretty shops, cosy restaurants and coffee bars and it is so ship (compared to France).

Kolanko is one of pretty bars where they serve good breakfast. I know that but... I have never been there. I often go to the restaurant opposite, The Moment, my favorite restaurant for breakfast.

Poland : The coutry of the sausage. Sooo tasty ! There are even filled with cheese.

Are they crazy ? Taxi drivers play F1 drivers at a speed of 160 km/hour. I was so afraid. So I do a animation video for this story (it is shortly finish).

A lot of roofs have this form here, with this color (bronze and gold). I can't see it in the south of France, so for me it is one of identities of this country.

So many pigeons in this city. Do you know why ? There is a legend that say knights are transformed by the king to protect the city... Thank you so much for that.

It is the view of my bedroom window. It is a very beautiful church. There are many here.

Here are the first snowflakes that I see in Poland. It is really beautiful !

This bridge spans the Wisła. Made of steel, it's my favorite. For the story , Steven Spielberg was used for a scene of the film Schindler's list.

Today is the National Day and the Flag day. There are a lot of it in the street and animations like a kind of fair in Rynek (the main place) or polish traditional dances.

When I crossed the river, one day, I saw this elegant deer at the corner of a building. But, it is a deer with 2 bodies or 2 deers with one head, as you wish !

Sooo tasty again and again and again...